Jeremie Huchet Les Montys "Vigne de 1914" Muscadet 2014

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Yes, you read that correctly.  These special vines in Muscadet were planted in 1914!  100 year old vines at the time of this wine's harvest!  Clos les Montys dominates the marshland of Goulaine, it is located on a ridge on a north-south axis.  The soil is sandy-silty and rocky, strewed with sandstone. In the northern part, the soil is very superficial, almost non-existent, and luckily it is in these very rough conditions that are found the oldest vines such as these from 1914.  This is a very special, very limited bottling of a small parcel.  From what we understand, we are the ONLY retail shop carrying this amazing wine!  Come taste what 100 year old, single parcel Muscadet tastes like for yourself.  We find it to be a delicious wine for the spring/summer and a very rare treat!