Isastegi Sagardo Sidra Natural 375ml

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Dry, non-carbonated. Earthy, funky

- Basque cider is a very different animal than the sweet pub drafts you'll find in most local bars. This is ancient stuff, produced in the same way for over 2,000 years! By law they can't add sugars or carbonic acid, so the ciders are dry and have little spritz. Isastegi is an old family estate that raised cattle, and made a little cider for their own family. In 1983, they decided to sell the cattle and sell their cider to the public. All of the pastures were converted to orchards. Earthy, funky, golden and refreshing, if you haven't tried a Sagardo Naturala (as the cider is known locally) you're missing out! Available in both full and half bottles.