Goutte de Prunelart Grape Brandy Laurent Cazottes 375ml

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An indigenous grape to the Tarn region of Southwest France, the Goutte (tear) de Prunelart is one of Laurent Cazottes' true passions. Only 4 ha. of Prunelart exist in France. Laurent cultivates 0.5 ha. This is neither a fine nor a marc, but the wine and the pomace are left together during the distillation. Hence, this is an Eau de Vie de Raisin.

Nobody puts as much effort into producing their spirits as Laurent Cazottes.

What makes Laurent’s work truly unique:

1.Laurent only grows varieties that are indigenous from his area. All his fruit is grown organically,

2.He waits for all his fruits to be perfectly ripe, from Mauzac to Pear Willams, Greengage plums etc… and lets them dry for some time either on the trees/vines or on the ground (a technique called “passerillage sur souche” in France) to concentrate sugar and flavors before starting to use them.

3. After the “passerillage” step, he then painstakingly removes the skin, pips/seed/ pits and stalk off ALL fruits before crushing them. Laurent Cazottes only uses the part of the fruits one would eat. Anything else is discarded. If you can imagine the amount of work required to cut in quarters, remove the seeds and stalk of 2 tons of dried Pear Williams before even starting the process of making the eaux-de-vie, you have an idea of how special Laurent Cazottes products are.