Fleur de Sommer Amer Alsacien 1L

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Fleur de Sommer is made with passion by Sommer's Master Brewer in the ancient cellars of the brewery in Ingwiller. A slow infusion of tangerine, orange peel and aromatic gentian combined with the purest eau de vie de bière make this an "Amer" created in the grand Alsatian tradition. On the nose the combination of citrus and hops from the beer brandy bring to mind whisky malt and toast. In the mouth it is full and supple, with beautiful rounded flavours of honey, spice and brioche. The end is well-balanced, long and creamy.  As with the Wolfamer, the local tradition it to add a few ounces to a lighter Ale or Lager.  At 18% alcohol, it can also be used in cocktails or served on the rocks with soda and citrus