Cobardes Don Rafael Cupreata Mezcal 1L

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The Reyes y Cobardes line of Mezcal is curated by chef Daniel Tellez Reynoso. After meeting mezcaleros in the Sola de Vega region of Oaxaca, he partnered with them to bottle a line of small batch, artisanal Mezcals. The Don Rafael is made from 100% Cupreata agave harvested in the wild from the banks of the Rio Balsas. The agave are between 7-9 years of age when harvested. After harvest, they are cooked for 10 days in a pit lined with smooth river stones, covered with woven palm fronds, stones, and wood. Only after cooking are the agave chopped by hand before fermenting in the open air for 10 days in mineral-laden spring water. Finally, it is all double distilled over multiple nights. The result is a soft and approachable Mezcal with sweet, delicate smoke and citrus notes. Light spice throughout carries this lovely, elegant Mezcal.