CH Distillery Fernet Dogma

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Founded in 2013, CH Distillery is known for making local Vodkas and Amaro.  Celebrating the science of making spirits, CH takes its name from the fundamental compounds in alcohol, carbon and hydrogen, while paying tribute to the local community.

This bottle is the CH take on the ever popular Fernet. Most people know the hyper bitter and intense version from Branca. While I love that classic there are nuances in the Fernet-Dogma that we haven't seen in other brands. On the nose there are notes of cocoa, tobacco leaves, and almost a molé component. Flavors of coffee, chamomile, and lemon lead up to a minty and appropriately bitter finish. There are more and more variations of Fernet on the market these days but this one seems to fit nicely between the Branca and the Letherbee in style.