About Us

Est. 2012

493 3rd Ave. 
(Corner of 11th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 


We were two friends with careers in wine -- after booking garage and punk bands, helming the bar at some top-tier restaurants, DJing, making art, and two days selling fish door to door  -- who over some good wine and a great meal decided to open our kind of wine shop. 

 We founded Gowanus Wine Merchants on the principle that we would buy from small distributors, with a focus on Old World and natural wines, plus local and other premium spirits. This is in part because it’s what we think tastes great. But also because we believe that this is the way to bring the most value to our customers, the most delicious wines at reasonable prices, from the Under-$20 table to the top shelf classics. For every wine we sell, we've tasted -- and passed on -- 30 others. We do the legwork for you.

 Our tastings are always free because wine should be approachable. Try a wine from a grape or region (or country!) you’ve never tried without worrying about that you’ve never heard of it before. Enjoy it first, ask questions later. That’s what we do.

We opened Gowanus Wine Merchants in 2012 because we fell in love with the possibilities of the neighborhood. We are proud to be part of its growth and introduce our oldest customers to folks you just moved in down the block.

Come join us. Say hello. Get a dog biscuit for your pooch. Please ask for that wine or spirit you saw advertised or whatever’s familiar, and we’ll (very!) happily point you to something we think you’ll enjoy even more.  


See you at the shop,

Tom & Rick